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Jul 15, 1996 09:30 AM
by Macnev Uri

Subject: Masters, etc.


* Forwarded by Macnev Uri
* From : Kay Ziatz
Subject: Masters, etc.

>for: Alexis


a> Shaman, I find the "(not merely devas)" aside to be a little egotistical.
a> What do you mean by it? I find a physical person trying to socially grade
a> non-physical centers-of-consciousness just a hair pretentious.
 One can perceive only vibrations which correspond to his own.
You can find this explanation in any popular theosophical book.

a> I repeat what I said above: Cycles apply clearly in the physical levels of
a> the realities, they do NOT apply in the non-physical realms. You ignored
    Chizhevsky (sometimes spelled as Tscijevsky) in  his  book
"Physical factors of the historical process" publushed in 1924
showed that spots on the sun  affects  human  behaviour,  i.e.
emotional  state.  I've  heard that he was a theosophist,  but
anyway,  he is acknowledged scientist here. Some of his state-
ments  show that he borrowed ideas from theosophical literatu-
re. He wrote:  "The course of the universal historical process
is composed of an uninterrupted row of cycles",  and concluded
his book by a phrase -  "Closer to the Sun - closer to Truth".
He also discovered that ionized air affects a man's health,  -
he could be lead to this conclusion by theosophical  ideas  of
prana and a chemical ether which  may  correspond  to  ionized
matter of modern science.

a> "faculty of Buddhi".....the thing that is beginning to worry me is that
a> I am beginning to be afraid that you think you've got it!
   Everyone got it, but most people are disassociated with it.
HPB bought a site somewhere  in USA and lost papers and forgot
the place.  So she had & haven't it.  It makes me more  & more
think that HPB life should be understood esoterically ;)
  Or another example:
- Captain, can we regard a thing as lost, if we know its location?
- Not, of cource.
- Well, your cattle is on the bottom of the see: altitude..., longitude...

a> She DID???? I thought "Letters on Occult Meditation" were written by Djwal
a> Kul (The Tibetan)! And Nicholas Roerich's letters purported to be from "M"
 What makes you believe in D.K. and not believe in M. & K.H.?
BTW, the  additional  edition  of  Mahatma Letters (I mean not
letters to Sinnett & Hume,  but to others) contains  testimony
of native indians, who have seen masters. Maybe they are false
masters & their teaching is wrong,  but what is reason to deny
them as persons? You'd better refute the teaching itself.
   That reminds me an official soviet propaganda which  denied
historical personality of Jesus Christ (even as false-prophet,
in which any big empire has no lack), because they couldn't say
something else against him.
   I've checked in Adyar catalogue.  It's called "Letters from
the masters of wisdom - second series".

a> To be honest, I never heard of E. Barker.
   Surprise. I've thought that her book "Letters from a living
dead man" is well-known to western theosophists. It's a series
of letters which she wrote down sinse  1914  till  1918,  like
Cardec's "Book of spirits".  Early theosophy denied spiritism,
but that spirit regards to theosophy which denied him - he sa-
id something like "I can't explain this, because I didn't stu-
dy theosophy good enough when I was alive". Yes, he did :)
   He was not a master, and E.Barker wasn't spiritualist which
makes a book more valuable. In the 1st volume he describes his
first experience  after death,  in 2nd - the world war,  as it
looks from astral plane, in 3rd - problems and mission of USA.
"Russia is a country, which in experimental order tries to li-
ve without head" - he said :)
   The first  volume  was published in 1915 in russian journal
"Vestnik Theosophii" (messenger of theosophy),  other  volumes
are published in Russian only recently. I didn't find this bo-
ok in Adyar catalogue.  Maybe they find it not enough "canoni-
cal". ;)

a> Konstantin: I thank you, but while I speak 7 languages, Russian is
a> unfortunately NOT one of them.
 Que lastima! I have these "letters" only in Russian in ASCII file. ;)

a> Who could foresee the fall of the Soviet union in 1990?
 Alice Bailey did. She didn't new exact date but she wrote
that "dictature will fall soon".  She might be mistaken expec-
ting this _too soon_. On the other hand, a regim which was af-
ter Stalin's  death till 1991,  wasn't completely "dictature",
especially dictature of one man.

W/best regards, Konstantin Zaitzev  2:5020/360.4 Fidonet

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