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Voice vs. At the Feet

Jul 15, 1996 09:48 AM
by K. Paul Johnson

Rather than just expressing a preference, I thought it might be
helpful to comment on the differences between the two books.
At the Feet of the Master is one of the most controversial
books in Theosophical history.  The bulk of scholarly opinion
is that it was written by Leadbeater and that K. had it foisted
upon him; moreover that this was designed to promote the
growing worship of K. as the World Teacher.  Even though there
may be many fine sentiments expressed in it, the book makes me
uncomfortable due to its suspicious provenance and I would
therefore decline to participate in a discussion of it.  That's
not to say others shouldn't do so.  I don't want to adhere to
the "Core teachings vs. heresy" paradigm.  But the Voice of the
Silence has the virtue of being much more widely accepted among
different Theosophists.  It also has several qualities that I
don't find in ATFM: intellectual depth, literary beauty,
spiritual inspiration, historical interest.  Others feel
differently but that's my 2 cents.

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