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Jul 11, 1996 10:33 AM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <>, writes
>I have used that quote in my own writings and if Paul ever saw them he would
>never forgive himself for saying it.
>Chuck the Heretic

I disagree.  I suspect he would wonder how the "Christianity" we know
today ever got the way it is.  Today on the BBC news we had pictures of
the Northern Ireland Police and the British Army kicking Catholic
protesters off their own street because they didn't want so-called
"Protestant" Orange Order marches going through it.

Now all this stuff goes back to William of Orange and long finished
battles, and such behavior makes me ashamed to be British, not because
of any of the religious stuff, which I see as little more than an excuse
to claim some kind of superiority over others, but because a British
government which is supposed to be working for peace arranges a
situation which could not have done more harm.

Why should *any* group of people be *forced* to allow a sectarian march
down their street?  200+ people sat in the road to try to stop it and
received rough treatment from *their own* police and army.

I am totally disgusted, and afraid for the people or Ireland - the
illegal guns will be out again on both sides.

Alan :-(
Ancient Wisdom for a New Age

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