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Theos-l: Michael Rogge

Jul 10, 1996 03:12 PM
by Shaman

> First of all I wish to compliment this group for its quite serious tone of 
> conversation - a relief from the normal diatribe and drivel in other groups. 

Yes. I have found it that way as well. The general tone is very 

> A pity one has to wade through endless repetitions of former contributions.

I'm afraid I am with you on that one. At times, I have wished these
text editors didn't allow for quoting (even though I am doing it) and
people would have to think of a one-line message to summarize what
they are replying to. Never gonna happen though so I guess it really
isn't worth getting too upset about. 

> I recognize the special energy felt by Shaman.
> I had experiences of something like that 
> invading me like a light, making me feel light and pure inside.

Mine isn't exactly the same. The energy I've been "communicating"
with isn't a particularly happy energy...and it definitely "wants"
something. It's far from malevolent though. It wants a healing...
and I believe it is probably attaching itself to just about anyone
who is open to it, that it believes will act on its suggestions and

> I realised 
> that I could keep in touch with it by submission free from mental interference.

Submission free from mental interference? Can you elaborate? Do you
mean just giving into it?

> of presences manifesting to individuals and especially during sittings. I 

They all seem to be willing to do it. It's just a matter of finding
someone who is willing to be a host. That's the hard part. 

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Baltimore Chessman-Sweeney                     "I strive to be the person
                                                my dog thinks I am."

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