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Re: Stuck in the Middle

Jul 10, 1996 03:08 PM
by RIhle

>Baltimore writes>
> Again, maybe I am just missing something. But that's how it looks
> from the outside. All these personalities and quibbling over whose
> philosophy is the "right" philosophy smacks of creating dogma. Is
> that what you all want? 

>Max writes>
>It's not a matter of just fear of freedom--it's worse: it's ESCAPE from 
>freedom into all kinds of organizations. It's simple: if you are a weak 
>character, you readily give up your freedom in exchange for a kind of 
>theosophical welfare.  

>We need heretics as never before.

Richard Ihle writes>
Welcome to the list to you both.

I believe this thread is doing a little "drift" from what I originally, and
then Paul later, was concerned about.  Since you both arrived after theos-l's
last "typhoon season," it is understandable that you didn't pick-up on
exactly what was being referred to. 

I guess you will just have to take my word for the fact that things sometimes
~go pretty far~ when we follow the "anything-goes" philosophy.  Here, I am
not referring to forceful arguing about ideas etc.; rather, I am talking
about ~anything goes~ in terms of unkindness, name-calling, and general abuse
of other people on the list.

Will you two be around in a few months?  I hope so, because it seems like we
have been losing at least three out of four (?) new people for quite a while
now, most complaining that they are bothered by the rudeness, negativity,
lack of respect, or something else along those lines.  If you need
corroboration, just ask Bee--because it seems like it is only by chance or
good fortune that we have her back now after she had left for reasons like
the foregoing.

So anyway, my initial remark was merely intended as hope that nothing would
start alt.theosophy off on the same bad foot--i.e., with the tone of
~anything goes~ not merely applying to the free exchange of ideas, but
~anything goes~ extended to the level of insult/hatred/ridicule we allow
ourselves to send to one another as well.  This, I believe, is all Paul meant
by those who "exemplify an irresponsible and destructive cynicism."

I agree that we need heretics as never before . . . and perhaps we even need
nice people as never before. . . . 

--Well, Baltimore and Max, again welcome.  I hope you will both stick around
for a while and ~not~ have any opportunity to see what I am talking about. .
. .


Richard Ihle

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