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Re:Theos-L disgest

Jul 10, 1996 02:59 PM
by wichm

As a (Dutch) newcomer to this group may I throw in some quite unimportant 
First of all I wish to compliment this group for its quite serious tone of 
conversation - a relief from the normal diatribe and drivel in other groups. 
A pity one has to wade through endless repetitions of former contributions.
Having said that I want to add that I should regret it very much if good 
wholesome humour like  the "EATING BABIES" joke would not have its rightful 
place in Chucks"s FAQ. If only to get rid of newcomers who might consider 
Theosophists "a bad or foolish nation". After all, unless one becomes like a 
fool one cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven!
I recognize the special energy felt by Shaman. In fact in my former days 
when I was still a Theosophist I had experiences of something like that 
invading me like a light, making me feel light and pure inside. I realised 
that I could keep in touch with it by submission free from mental interference.
As to BEE BOWN's channeling group. I have been fascinated by the phenomenon 
of presences manifesting to individuals and especially during sittings. I 
have written on it on my page: "The presence phenomenon"
( A.o. about a fictitious entity 
"Philip" presenting itself to a Canadian experimental group.
BOOKLISTS. I do not think that Marion Meade's revealing biography: "Madame 
Blavatsky. Woman behind the Myth." did justice to her. Yet, it raises 
important issues. It having been published in 1980 could be termed quite a 
modern approach and should not have been left out of a representative 
booklist. Anyone really interested  would have no difficulty in tracing it, 
if it were only in the public library.
Best regards.

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