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Re: Theosophy (strange energy)

Jul 09, 1996 10:42 PM
by Bee Brown

Shaman wrote:
> ..[bee brown writes]...
> > Have you read up on elementals and elemental essence?
> I haven't...and I am afraid I am completely ignorant about what
> elementals are.

There are some on this list who know a lot more than I do about this subject 
and I hope they will give us the benifit of their knowledge. 
> > interesting as this can be the source of many thigns. Sometimes it is not
> > advisable to focus on it as that gives it more energy and can cause it to
> > become more than it already is.
 >From that, I am gleaning that an elemental is some sort of energy
> force that we create?

I guess that could be a way of looking at it. The trouble is that there are 
so many levels of theosophical ideas that there will be many views on this 
subject. In the way I was referring to it, I see it an invisible entity that 
was created by the strong focus of the group and the intention to do this. It 
did become an entity in its own right.
> > We sort of
> > began establishing a group energy for healing purposes and from hindsight, I
> > now realise this grew into an elemental force which slowly took shape and we
> > even gave it a name, Auralies.
> Okay. I think I am starting to understand what you are talking about now.
> > The next thing that happened was that we
> > chanelled throught it and with it.
> Do you mean you channelled through the entity or you channelled through
> the "elemental"? I interpret this as being that you gave the entity
> too much power...if you used it exclusively.

The power was already there when the group came together and called it up. It 
spoke through a chanel when allowed to do so and acted as an intermediary and 
 enhancer for other chanelled energy. Very interesting it was too.
> As for the b-energy, (I don't know what else to call it), I will never
> allow it to either use me as a host nor will I ask it for anything
> informational or otherwise that is outside its specific vector. I
> would be too afraid of it trying to get too much control over me.

It may not be the same sort of thing but it seems to me that anything, 
physical or non-physical, can be accentuated by too much attention paid to 
it. It's similar to someone holding a grudge and feeding it by brooding on it 
to the extend of attacking the object of the grudge.
> > something more. I gave away the chanelling as I gained more knowledge about
> > what it was and how from some serious study of theosophy.
> How did that study change your perspective?

It caused me to see that there was a lot more to life than I had ever 
imagined and it just lost its importance within the vast vistas of life I 
learned about. If it became necessary I would still do it but so far it 
hasn't. I have moved in another direction and haven't the time to put into it 
> > I still have
> > internal chats to an energy that I call the Elder Brother but it may be my
> > higher self just as easily.
> Yes. I also have my individual guides...and they don't have anything
> to do with the b-energy.

They may know what it is hanging about for.
> > a stick of dynamite. We had no idea what it really was and what could be done
> > with it but if someone accidentally found out, who then used it wrongly,
> > heavy karma could ensue on all of us.
> I don't understand this part. Do you mean the entity...and that someone
> might use the entity incorrectly?

Yes or accidentally. I vaguely understand that magicians use elementals that 
they build up. That seems part of learning magic but I do not know a lot 
about that so I am only surmising.
> > I have never forgotten reading Annie
> > Besant's book on the thought world and that 'thoughts are things' that take
> > on a life of their own if invested with constant energy.
> Oh, yes. Absolutely.
> > in the Old Dairy Leaves, how HPB had her pet elementals who helped her do
> > many things and supposedly hemmed some new towels for her as she was not into
> > that sort of thing.
> Now I am thinking that elementals are more than just collective thought
> energy. Right? They are entities? Walk-ins?

They are thought energy that have been 'concretised' in the realms that we 
can't quite see unless we are that way inclined. I also think that there are 
elemental beings who live in the elemental planes e.g fairies, gnomes etc. 
These were probably the ones that helped HPB. There are many interesting 
stories told about these little people.
> > Col Olcott swears that it had to be them as there was no
> > other way they could have been got at in the cupboard that they were put for
> > a short period of time and hey presto, hemmed towels though not very tidily
> > done but hemmed nevertheless.
> I don't understand why any teaching entity would be interested in doing
> such a thing. I can't imagine asking the b-energy to clean out my
> fridge or something. This part doesn't make sense to me. Of course,
> I know that I am just too unfamiliar with the concept of elementals. I
> am going to see if that's mentioned in any of my metaphysical books.

these were not teaching entities but as mentioned above, members of the 
elemental kingdom who don't really like humans that much but when someone 
like HPB excercises her will over them, they get used to it.
> > this area but I have never tried to achieve personal gain from it either as
> > that was one thing the groups I floated around in, warned about.
> Well, I must admit that if I was a benevolent entity...and I was trying
> to help someone -- teach someone --  and they capitalized on it, I'd be
> pretty mad, too. That was a wise warning.
> > Sometimes it is better perhaps to let some things just be and maybe something
> > will evolve but if not then it doesn't matter as there are so many things we
> > still don't know about.
> That is essentially what I am trying to do with the b-energy. I am
> trying to give it the opportunity to communicate with me -- tell me
> what it wants -- but I won't allow it to have any power in my
> life. If it evolves into my learning something I am supposed to
> do for karmic reasons, I will do what I have to do. In all honesty
> though, I don't expect it to hang around forever. I expect it
> to say what it has to say and go away...unless I specifically
> ask it to stay. I can't imagine any reason why I *would* ask
> it to stay. If it becomes troublesome, I will tell it to leave
> me alone.
> I think I have so much energy invested right now because, above all
> else, it is fascinating. Why I would be the target of such a thing
> is baffling to me.
> Your point is well taken though. I am not going to allow it to
> run my life.
> bcsHope it all goes well.

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