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Re: Theosophy (strange energy)

Jul 09, 1996 06:35 PM
by Shaman

..[bee brown writes]...

> Have you read up on elementals and elemental essence?

I haven't...and I am afraid I am completely ignorant about what 
elementals are. 

> interesting as this can be the source of many thigns. Sometimes it is not 
> advisable to focus on it as that gives it more energy and can cause it to 
> become more than it already is.

 From that, I am gleaning that an elemental is some sort of energy
force that we create? 

> We sort of 
> began establishing a group energy for healing purposes and from hindsight, I 
> now realise this grew into an elemental force which slowly took shape and we 
> even gave it a name, Auralies.

Okay. I think I am starting to understand what you are talking about now. 

> The next thing that happened was that we 
> chanelled throught it and with it.

Do you mean you channelled through the entity or you channelled through
the "elemental"? I interpret this as being that you gave the entity
too much power...if you used it exclusively. 

As for the b-energy, (I don't know what else to call it), I will never
allow it to either use me as a host nor will I ask it for anything
informational or otherwise that is outside its specific vector. I
would be too afraid of it trying to get too much control over me. 

> something more. I gave away the chanelling as I gained more knowledge about 
> what it was and how from some serious study of theosophy.

How did that study change your perspective? 

> I still have 
> internal chats to an energy that I call the Elder Brother but it may be my 
> higher self just as easily.

Yes. I also have my individual guides...and they don't have anything
to do with the b-energy. 

> a stick of dynamite. We had no idea what it really was and what could be done 
> with it but if someone accidentally found out, who then used it wrongly, 
> heavy karma could ensue on all of us.

I don't understand this part. Do you mean the entity...and that someone
might use the entity incorrectly? 

> I have never forgotten reading Annie 
> Besant's book on the thought world and that 'thoughts are things' that take 
> on a life of their own if invested with constant energy.

Oh, yes. Absolutely. 

> in the Old Dairy Leaves, how HPB had her pet elementals who helped her do 
> many things and supposedly hemmed some new towels for her as she was not into 
> that sort of thing.

Now I am thinking that elementals are more than just collective thought
energy. Right? They are entities? Walk-ins? 

> Col Olcott swears that it had to be them as there was no 
> other way they could have been got at in the cupboard that they were put for 
> a short period of time and hey presto, hemmed towels though not very tidily 
> done but hemmed nevertheless.

I don't understand why any teaching entity would be interested in doing
such a thing. I can't imagine asking the b-energy to clean out my
fridge or something. This part doesn't make sense to me. Of course,
I know that I am just too unfamiliar with the concept of elementals. I
am going to see if that's mentioned in any of my metaphysical books. 

> this area but I have never tried to achieve personal gain from it either as 
> that was one thing the groups I floated around in, warned about. 

Well, I must admit that if I was a benevolent entity...and I was trying
to help someone -- teach someone --  and they capitalized on it, I'd be
pretty mad, too. That was a wise warning. 

> Sometimes it is better perhaps to let some things just be and maybe something 
> will evolve but if not then it doesn't matter as there are so many things we 
> still don't know about.

That is essentially what I am trying to do with the b-energy. I am
trying to give it the opportunity to communicate with me -- tell me
what it wants -- but I won't allow it to have any power in my
life. If it evolves into my learning something I am supposed to
do for karmic reasons, I will do what I have to do. In all honesty
though, I don't expect it to hang around forever. I expect it
to say what it has to say and go away...unless I specifically
ask it to stay. I can't imagine any reason why I *would* ask 
it to stay. If it becomes troublesome, I will tell it to leave
me alone. 

I think I have so much energy invested right now because, above all
else, it is fascinating. Why I would be the target of such a thing
is baffling to me. 

Your point is well taken though. I am not going to allow it to
run my life. 


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