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Re: Theosophy (strange energy)

Jul 08, 1996 02:04 PM
by Bee Brown

Shaman wrote:

> It seems to me that if it was a sum total of the mixed energies of the
> people who live in a place, there would be no reason for it contacting
> me. It would make more sense for the collective energy of Tucson to
> be attaching itself to it "absorbs" me into the community.
> > But what you are experiencing is probably not that uncommon.  It's just that
> > nobody talks much about it as a part of meditation.
> If anyone has experienced it, I would certainly like to hear about it.
> I wonder about the possibility of having a friend try to channel it
> for me. It would have to be someone I really trust though. This is
> real easy to talk about on Internet where no one knows me...but talking
> with people in person about it is a bit touchy.
> > Anyway, I hope this helps.
> Very much. Really.
> > If it is a real difficulty there are ways of
> > getting rid of it.
> I considered getting rid of it by the standard means -- by informing it
> of universal law and telling it is has to leave me -- but the thing
> is that it is coming for a *reason*...and I just want to know what
> the reason *is*. I might decide to send it away after that....if I
> can't help it or do whatever it seems to want. If nothing else, to
> find out *why me*.
> I'll try this afternoon when I meditate to draw it back and use the
> standard means to make contact...and see what happens from there.
> Thanks for your input. I'll check into those references and see
> if that explains some of it, too. I can find those old writings
> somewhere.
> bcs

Have you read up on elementals and elemental essence? This is really 
interesting as this can be the source of many thigns. Sometimes it is not 
advisable to focus on it as that gives it more energy and can cause it to 
become more than it already is.
If I may give a personal example here.
I got involved in chanelling around 4 years ago and just sort did it without 
much todo or learning. This came from a chaneling workshop that I ended up 
hosting. Then a group of 10 of us met once a week to continue the practice 
etc. There was only 2 of us who actually chanelled at that time so much 
interesting info was gained from the entities that talked to us. We sort of 
began establishing a group energy for healing purposes and from hindsight, I 
now realise this grew into an elemental force which slowly took shape and we 
even gave it a name, Auralies. The next thing that happened was that we 
chanelled throught it and with it. It was benign and loving but then after 2 
odd years of steady attendance the group just split up in the strangest way. 
One went to Polytech,one to university, some to jobs and most of them gained 
something more. I gave away the chanelling as I gained more knowledge about 
what it was and how from some serious study of theosophy. I still have 
internal chats to an energy that I call the Elder Brother but it may be my 
higher self just as easily. I was told that once the group had established 
this elemental it had to be disbanded because it was like babies playing with 
a stick of dynamite. We had no idea what it really was and what could be done 
with it but if someone accidentally found out, who then used it wrongly, 
heavy karma could ensue on all of us. I have never forgotten reading Annie 
Besant's book on the thought world and that 'thoughts are things' that take 
on a life of their own if invested with constant energy. I vaguely understand 
that this area is in the realm of magic and that elementals are used by 
magicians who know the how and why of all this. I was highly amused reading 
in the Old Dairy Leaves, how HPB had her pet elementals who helped her do 
many things and supposedly hemmed some new towels for her as she was not into 
that sort of thing. Col Olcott swears that it had to be them as there was no 
other way they could have been got at in the cupboard that they were put for 
a short period of time and hey presto, hemmed towels though not very tidily 
done but hemmed nevertheless. I personally have had no nasty experiences in 
this area but I have never tried to achieve personal gain from it either as 
that was one thing the groups I floated around in, warned about. 
Sometimes it is better perhaps to let some things just be and maybe something 
will evolve but if not then it doesn't matter as there are so many things we 
still don't know about.
Bee Bown

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