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Re: Theosophy (strange energy)

Jul 08, 1996 11:04 AM
by Shaman

> This is a tough one.  I never heard of this either.  But it helps make sense
> of your other posts.

:-) Well, I am glad of that! Believe it or not, this is something I 
have even been reluctant to discuss with people I know personally. On
the surface, it sounds so *nuts*! 

> jumbled, the older writers, like around 1900 or so, on the occult would talk
> about places haveing their own "spirit" or "angel" or "energy" and that this
> would be detectable by sensitives.

Yes. I remember reading some of that...and I am somewhat of a firm 
believer now that I've experienced it. I don't experience it anywhere
other than that city though. I can get a very general sense of other
places I've lived...but nothing as intense as the b-energy. (That's
what I've decided to call it since I have nothing else to hang it

Still...if I extrapolate this some and there *are* actual entities/
angels/etc. attached to places, then I should be able to communicate
with it the same way I communicate with any other entity. That does
make it a lot easier. I didn't try that before -- because I had no
idea what I might unleash...but I think I'll try it and see what

>  Certainly different cities have a
> different energy.  Chicago is not New York, Allah be praised!


>  While it is
> generally conceded that this energy is from the type of people who live in
> the city, it is by no means the only possible explanation.

It seems to me that if it was a sum total of the mixed energies of the
people who live in a place, there would be no reason for it contacting
me. It would make more sense for the collective energy of Tucson to
be attaching itself to it "absorbs" me into the community.

> But what you are experiencing is probably not that uncommon.  It's just that
> nobody talks much about it as a part of meditation.

If anyone has experienced it, I would certainly like to hear about it. 
I wonder about the possibility of having a friend try to channel it
for me. It would have to be someone I really trust though. This is
real easy to talk about on Internet where no one knows me...but talking
with people in person about it is a bit touchy. 

> Anyway, I hope this helps. 

Very much. Really. 

> If it is a real difficulty there are ways of
> getting rid of it.

I considered getting rid of it by the standard means -- by informing it
of universal law and telling it is has to leave me -- but the thing
is that it is coming for a *reason*...and I just want to know what
the reason *is*. I might decide to send it away after that....if I 
can't help it or do whatever it seems to want. If nothing else, to
find out *why me*. 

I'll try this afternoon when I meditate to draw it back and use the
standard means to make contact...and see what happens from there. 

Thanks for your input. I'll check into those references and see
if that explains some of it, too. I can find those old writings


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