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Re: Theosophy (strange energy)

Jul 08, 1996 10:44 AM
by Drpsionic

This is a tough one.  I never heard of this either.  But it helps make sense
of your other posts.
Now if I remember correctly and you get that line from me a lot because I've
got tons of information in my head and at my great age it sometimes gets
jumbled, the older writers, like around 1900 or so, on the occult would talk
about places haveing their own "spirit" or "angel" or "energy" and that this
would be detectable by sensitives.  Certainly different cities have a
different energy.  Chicago is not New York, Allah be praised!  While it is
generally conceded that this energy is from the type of people who live in
the city, it is by no means the only possible explanation.  There may
geographic pattern reasons why the energy manifests in a particular way, for
example, just the way the city is laid out.
But what you are experiencing is probably not that uncommon.  It's just that
nobody talks much about it as a part of meditation.

Anyway, I hope this helps.  If it is a real difficulty there are ways of
getting rid of it.


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