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Re: Theosophy (strange energy)

Jul 08, 1996 08:42 AM
by Shaman

Hi Chuck...

Thanks for the question. 

I am going to go *way* out on a limb and answer your question. 

> Okay, now you are in my field.  I know this is asking a rather difficult
> question, but what is it about the energy you are getting that you feel is
> strange? 

It isn't scary energy or anything like that. I think what I find strange
about it is that it is a *place* and not a person or entity. I am 
accustomed to an occasional entity -- and certainly my own guides. And
God/Spirit naturally. It is hard for me to conceive of a *place* having
its own energy - so I am not sure how to communicate with it to find
out why it is attaching itself to me. I have no idea what it *wants*...
if that makes any sense.

When I went to the place, I sensed the very same energy *every*where. 
It was in the buildings, on the streets, around the people. It was very
familiar to me because then I knew it was the same thing I'd been
sensing in meditation. It doesn't feel like something that comes
from me internally. It is something outside of me. In the same respect
as the entities or guides are outside of me.

This is a very difficult thing to explain.

Does this make a bit more sense? 

> Once we have an idea about that, we can get to work and analyze the
> problem.

I would certainly welcome that. I'm quite stuck with this. :-) 


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