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The Baltimore Chronicles Continue (results)

Jul 09, 1996 05:23 PM
by Shaman

I tried to communicate with the energy this morning and did get some
results. I wrote to another mailing list I am on, explaining the
situation -- same as I did here -- and also got some help and input
from them. Since you all have been *so* tremendously helpful, I
wanted to share the results with you, too. I can't even begin to
tell you all how refreshing it is to be able to discuss these
experiences without having to worry about being considered nuts
and just blown off without a second thought. 

Anyway, here's the results of this morning's communication...and
as always, comments/suggestions/input is very welcome. I will continue
on trying with this until I/it gets all there is to get. 


> Hi All...
> I appreciate all of your suggestions re: my trying to communicate with
> a place. I tried them and did get some results. 
> I decided to use the writing because it would be a good way to keep
> me focussed. That tends to be a consistent problem of my own. My
> mind wanders a lot. Using something specific that way keeps my
> mind focussed on one thing only. 
> It didn't tell me exactly what I wanted to know. It may take more
> time before it will communicate that way but I intend to keep
> trying. 
> Part of the history of this is that I did go to that city
> a few years ago. 
> While I was there, so much of my own energy was tied up in a 
> destructive relationship that I wasn't fully free to deal with my
> environment, at home or there. It is possible that I may have even
> missed an opportunity to connect with the energy in a more meaningful way
> at that time. 
> Re: The Place / One part of me felt that it was very beautiful and
> historic. Another part of me was very angry about the fact that
> the residents didn't seem to acknowledge or respect its beauty. For
> their own reasons, they have trashed the city, destroyed the earth
> and been entirely destructive with the resources it has to offer. I
> did my fair share of bellyaching about that on radio talk shows and
> with people I met. Still, the relationship and its own destructive
> nature kept me too entrapped to ever make any decisions about doing
> more. 
> Today, when I got out some paper and went to my Secret Garden to talk
> to the energy, I let it know that I was very aware of those
> things and that I knew it wanted to tell me something. I told
> it that I was very open to whatever it had to say and that I
> would write my questions. I asked it to write its answers to me. 
> My first question was "If I had 30 seconds of free air time on
> CNN during the evening news, what would you want me to say?"
> The reply? "I am drowning in the blood of violence, hatred and
> despair." That was *not* written by me. It was written by *It*!
> I am very certain of that. 
> I went on to another question that was more personal. "Why are
> you attaching yourself to me?" I didn't get a reply to that. The
> energy decreased and nearly went away. I stopped writing questions
> because I didn't want it to run off. 
> I am not sure of what that means. Why it would decrease and begin
> to go away is baffling to me. I am hoping it will communicate some
> more -- that I can find out what it *really* wants. I don't know
> what my choices will be in terms of taking action...but I do want
> to hear all it has to tell me. 
> It occurs to me logically that the reason it is attaching itself to
> me is that I have a 20-year history as a community activist...and
> it is wanting me to work on its behalf. However, that's pretty
> difficult 2500 miles away. 
> I will try consistently until I get all of this. 
> If anyone has any suggestions as to other questions, methods, etc.,
> I am still looking for them. This is all quite new to me. 
> Thanks to *everyone* for your comments and suggestions. I am 
> taking them quite please don't feel like you are
> wasting your time by helping me with it. 
> bcs

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