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Attractions/Attracting to the Oneness

Jul 08, 1996 09:51 PM
by Keith Price

Keith>  Youri nickname suggests
> that you may be interested in shamanism.

BCS: Yes. I am. Not exclusively though.  

>  Unfortunately it may take many
> generations of  "male" evolution to free ourselves from the shame associated
> with men asking men for spiritual help on any other but an intellectual basis.

Right here, I get the impression that you might be thinking that I'm 
a man. I am not. I know the name is a bit ambiguous. That is what 
happens when people name their kids after cities. It's an odd practice
and can cause some misunderstandings. Nope. I'm female. 

Still, your point counts just the same. It is really up to men to
take that situation in hand and *start* asking each other for
help -- outside a professional context. "Society" be damned. Sometimes
we just have to start *doing*. I remember an old thing I learned in
est 20 years ago. Do, be, have. It works in that order. 

If you get to a point where you are comfortable to discuss the
situation that is keeping you in Houston, that attracts and repels
you, I am interested in hearing. 

Thanks for your response. I always like what you have to say. 


Thanks with all my heart to your synchronistic response.  I am glad it worked
out that you were a women and I didn't  know it, because it proves that on the
highest level we are all equal spiritual beings with the right for mutual
respect, honoring and love not base on our sex or sexual orientation (as stated
in the TI) objectives.  This proves that practically anything or any feeling can
happen to any human and that we can move out of the jugement mode into the clear
light the family of humanity based on our knowledge of our common divine origins
and ultimate destiny.  Yet we are not at the end of evolution, it seems, by a
long shot, and we have much karma to deal with before its a done deal.

I would venture to say that not only past life issues, but childhood issues say
of physical and emotional abuse or neglect surface again in "stalkers" who
project needs onto their stalked object.  But how many of us really had all the
nuturing we needed to develop into the healthy beings we need to be or have
current outlets for expressions of spiritual love.  The cults like David Koresh
and even the militia movement show the need for love projected on a spiritual
teacher or ideal that takes on twisted form that nevertheless screams to society
for some healthy response even thought the cry for help is very sick.  

Addictions are the primary way may deal with the repressed need for love.  Food,
sex, drugs, alcohol and most of all money and power (the acceptable addictions)
seems to drive far too many of us, myself included.  A former wall street wizard
wrote that from his vast experience with money oriented types is that they are
seeking immortality.  They unconsciously believe that if the just make enough
money, if their stock portfolios expand enough they will live forever (it is
absurd on a rational level, but this what he saw as driving these men like
Donald Trump, let's say).   It wouldn't matter if there were an apocalypse, they
would  concoct a game so that they could win "points", it wouldn't matter what
these points are.  Money represent the proof of God's love and that they are
loveable, on some level.  They are absolutely confusing money as frozen spirit.

In another way the more theosophy and theosphical history or sanskrit terms I
know, gives me the illusion that I am making spritiual progress when in fact
they may be for me - inversely proportional if used for self-importance and
power plays etc.

So much of acting "professional" is disguised cruelty, necessary perhaps, but a
lie of detached socialbility and not really caring except in the team effort of
getting more money and making more "points" for the team. People long for a
bacchanal, a dionysian ecstatic connection with primal energies and these may
take very strange harmful forms.  Football is organized war as are the Olympics
(which I happen to love, I confess because of the exaltation and transformation
of the human form almost into the angelic -see Leni Reifenstahl's film on the
Hitler spnsored Olympics called "Olympiad").

I don't want to dominate the discussion with my personal concerns.  I hope
others will talk about how a modern spiritual community can go beyond high-tech
to high-touch without getting into the dregs of "sex-magic" or all that.  The
cyber-space is wonderful for its sense  of detachment and universality (I didn't
know you were a women, nor should I care, and I don't)   yet one longs for some
kind of true spiritual communion beyond words.  I get this in some local groups
by the way.  But I think it is a direction the new age will need to look beyond
all those home pages, surf to home page, surf to home page ........

Shamanism, wicca and the "men's movement" seem to be a "pill" outside of society
to be take on weekends and on retreats, but haven't been integrated into schools
and the workplace.  What do the Steiner-anthropophists have to offer as a model?
I have heard a little about Eurythmics and the Waldorf schools etc and the
German movements before WWII.

And at the risk of shouting, with all this talk about the seven bodies-  who
really cares, if one doesn't do something with them beside meditating on them
and discussing the life out of all of them.  Isn't the goal to enliven,
enlighten our bodies and mutually enlighten and enliven each other for planetary

Keith Price  

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