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Re: Perhaps All-Too-Alt.Theosophy?

Jul 08, 1996 09:48 PM
by Drpsionic

Well, I like "anything goes".  It is, after all, a major part of my basic
philosophy of life and anything I create is going to have that in it.  And as
this newsgroup is more-or-less my creation (with the help of one very good
friend who makes me look conservative and reserved by comparison) I want it
to follow that principle and shall become very mad if it does not.
The problem with writing a faq is in trying to get something across to people
who know absolutely nothing about what they are going to encounter in a
newsgroup.  I could have written a very serious piece that would have bored
the young folks who most frequent these things half to death and so I chose
to go for humor instead.
I also wanted to get across that there are as many different ways of looking
at theosophy as there are theosophists and so wild and furious disagreements
are the norm rather than the exception.
Actually, I think I did a rather good job of describing the way we really
are, while trying to keep the damned thing brief because no one likes a
100,000 word faq, not as some folks think we should be.  The "core
theosophists are well repesented by Daniel and Martin and Eldon, so there is
a balance, which is what I want.  But I also want a totally free-wheeling
discussion I don't want people to think we are a pack of duddie fuddies who
spend all our time babbling in psuedo-sanskrit so I the more anarchic I can
make us sound the better.   And as I don't have a "should" in my mental body,
I like that just fine.
Of course, there is nothing to prevent you from writing and posting your own
vision of the theosophical society.  When I said totally free, I meant it.
 And I would like to see your concepts.
After all, I am

Chuck the Heretic   

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