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Re: Places

Jul 08, 1996 06:40 AM
by Shaman

...[K Paul Johnson writes]....

> relevant to two propositions: 1) We tend to be reborn among
> those who have been family members before and 2) We tend to
> have unconscious attractions to places we have lived.

That is so interesting! It also sounds completely reasonable. I
would guess that if we are attracted to a certain place like that
in *this* incarnation, it would mean we have unfinished business
there. Does that sound right? 

> of weird "coincidences" that made it feel like a magically
> charged environment.  

When I finally got fed up with the energy of that place interfering
with my meditation, I went there. It's odd...but I had no problem
finding my way around despite the fact that I really didn't know
the place. I felt quite "at home" there ... and even had some kind
of comfortable connection to it. I didn't meet anyone significant
though. I should mention that my grandparents are from there...which
is how I got the name and the connection in that respect.

Still...even though I went there (which logic would indicate as a 
resolution of sorts), I am still getting the energy of it in 
deep meditation. It's not obnoxious or intentionally intrusive...
but it's there. 

What I am looking for partially is some method of discovering 
what it "wants", why it is attaching itself to me and how I
can control it. Any ideas welcome. :-) I won't necessarily
do anything to get rid of it...but I'd like to know what it

> I have been in 14 countries at last count, but only France and
> India have had that strange deja vu feeling that indicates some
> kind of unexplained link.

I have had that with the one place only...yet I feel reasonably
certain that I've had more than two incarnations. Off the top
of my head, that would indicate that I've resolved whatever needed
resolved in the places from the past. 

Thanks for the input, you all. I do appreciate it. It's a minor
situation -- but I don't like unknowns. :-) 


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Baltimore Chessman-Sweeney                     "No significant quote"


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