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Re: maditation

Jul 07, 1996 00:36 AM
by James Shannon

Hello Ozren:

	      The ancient wisdom has always taught that meditation
is a means of "dying while living", i.e., learning how to withdraw
the consciousness out of the body at will -- just as it is withdrawn
involuntarily at death. The process, in both cases is the same -- only
with meditation the silver cord is obviously not cut. 

	      One who knows how to do this, with practice, loses all
fear of "dying" and also awakens to the higher dimensional worlds
that exist just above and beyond this one.

	      How to do it?  Find a technique that "opens the third eye".
The seat of the soul in the body is between and behind the two eyebrows.
By concentrated attention at that centre (ajna chakra), the third eye
activates and one starts to experience leaving the body at will. This
has been done for thousands of years in all the mystery schools, so
it has a good track record.

		Don't bother with any of the lower centers below the
third eye. To activate a higher center automatically energizes all
those below it. Christ said, "if thine eye be single thy whole body
shall be full of light".  The third eye is the key. The goal?  To so
ascend in consciousness, step by step, so that the need to return again 
(reincarnate) ceases.  The journey?  To travel beyond all physical, 
astral, mental and causal planes -- back to the Source from which we all 
came. Can it be done?  Of course! That's what the game is all about.

		The book "The Voice of the Silence" has it all
laid out, step by step.

		Just my $.02 ... :)

			     Sincere Regards,


On Sun, 7 Jul 1996, Ozren Skondric wrote:

> It seams to me that a lot of people on this list are practicing 
> meditation so I have this specific plea that some of you might be able 
> help me with. I would rely like to start to meditate but I dont know 
> how. Im not the member of any theosophical organization or any 
> organization for that mater so I wonder is it even possible to learn to 
> meditate on my own. What are your experiences, are there any specific 
> books you would recommend, any specific material on the NET, is there 
> any specific meditation technique recommended for students of theosophy?
>  Thank you in advance for all your answers 
>                           Ozren

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