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Re: Welcome

Jul 07, 1996 00:18 AM
by alexis dolgorukii

At 07:19 PM 7/6/96 -0400, you wrote:
>Are you SURE you're not a closet mormon?
>I remember the trouble Savannah and I had last summer trying to find out if
>Oswald Boelke (the man who taught Von Richtofen) was really her
>It was actually very strange. A friend of hers called her and said that some
>local Germanophiles had discovered that and she called me and asked if I had
>ever heard of him.  I told her that I not only knew who he was, I had
>videotape footage of old WWI material with him on it.
>Then came finding the proof and it was not easy.  We had to dig all over hell
>and here was a situation of only a couple of generations, and a famous person
>to boot.
>No, I'm not a closet Mormon, but I am a full fledged Herald and a long term
geneaologist. In any case there are some families that have to keep track of
their pedigrees for dynastic reasons and it makes for careful records.
Boelke was "famous", but it would have been far easier to trace back to The
Frieherr(Baron)  von Richthoven, he was a Prussian Junker and they are total
fanatics about their breeding stock.

Now John's family is "old American" (pre-revolutionary) and it's a pain to
trace because it isn't "Mayflower" or "Cavalier" and most of the middle and
lower class people had no idea of their pedigree, we're going to the Mormons
eventually because he has a Cousin who's a Mormon and that means the family
has already be traced down (and "converted". They charge about 125.00 for a

I'm going on alt. theosophy now to see what's up. As of Monday I am going to
post a series of three messages on the "Three Objects". I've already done
one on the "Motto" but as of last night it hadn't been received. Hope you
get on-line soon as it's difficult to be almost the only person currently
posting. Although it's obvious that at least Daniel caldwell reads it.

talk soon:


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