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Re: meditation (Ozren)

Jul 07, 1996 06:11 AM
by Jim Meier

You will get a lot of individual responses to your questions, because there
are differences in types of meditation techniques (and goals), and the TS is
made up of individuals with diverse opinions on every subject. :)  I hope
you'll consider joining the TS; if for no other reason, it gives you access
to the Wheaton library and literally thousands of books on every conceivable
spiritual topic -- all for free.

Your questions:
1) Is it possible to learn to meditate on my own?
Absolutely.  In the final analysis, it's the only way, anyhow.

2) What are your experiences...
Here's where you'll get the varied answers; one school of thought is that it
isn't really helpful to relate individual experiences, except in a very
general context.  No one can prove or disprove what is said and besides, the
experience is only valid for the individual... with the possible exception
of "Is all of this a crock?" and there are thousands of testimonies (and
years) that it is not.  It won't take all that long for you to come to your
own conclusions.

3) .. specific books you would recommend..
Again, you'll get lots of advice. :)  ALL meditation starts with
concentration, and no type of meditation is possible without it, so my
recommendations are
a) Concentration, by Ernest Wood  and
b) Concentration & Meditation, by Christmas Humphreys

The first is a small book on developing mind control, which is invaluable.
(I wish I had paid more attention to what it said when I first read it --
how's that for individual experience?).  The second is more a meditation
technique manual, despite the title.  Both of these are available from loan
from the TSA library, as soon as you sign up.  :)

4) ... any specific material on the NET..
More than can be listed, as any search engine will quickly turn up.  For an
interesting browse, try David's Occult Links at

5).. any specific technique recommended for students of theosophy?
Don't believe anyone who answers this question.. :)  But the two books
listed above are within the boundaries of "orthodox" theosophy.  One of the
advantages of the Olcott Library is that they will answer your type of
questions with specific titles that can be borrowed by mail -- again, for


>It seams to me that a lot of people on this list are practicing 
>meditation so I have this specific plea that some of you might be able 
>help me with. I would rely like to start to meditate but I dont know 
>how. Im not the member of any theosophical organization or any 
>organization for that mater so I wonder is it even possible to learn to 
>meditate on my own. What are your experiences, are there any specific 
>books you would recommend, any specific material on the NET, is there 
>any specific meditation technique recommended for students of theosophy?
> Thank you in advance for all your answers 
>                          Ozren

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