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Re: Geographic Areas-Power Points

Jul 06, 1996 03:38 PM
by Shaman

Hi Keith....

Thanks for responding. I have a few more comments and questions. This
is all very interesting. I live in what some consider to be a highly
spiritual area myself. Tucson, Arizona. It's somewhat invisible to
me in that regard...but it does have good, clean energy. 

> write about it.  Of course the pyramids at Giza and other ancient sites like
> Stonhenge and Easter Island are favorites.

Oh, yes. Along with more local places like Sedona and Santa Fe. 

>  Geoffrey Hodgson spent a lot of time
> looking at faries in various sylvan settings.

Faeries? Like the "little people" in Iceland, you mean? 

> Astrology also has a  branch called astro-cartography that supposedly can tell a
> person the best time to make a move and whether an area will benefit an
> individual.

Yes. That is exactly what I am curious about. I have this theory which
may be totally off the wall but it feels real to me. I wonder if there
is actually something on "the other side" in terms of guides for
particular areas. The purpose of the existence of Tucson would be 
different, iow, than the reasons for the existence of, say, Baltimore,
Maryland. People will be drawn to a particular place because that
place is the correct and compatible energy for that person. I also 
agree with you that sometimes there is a karmic connection of some kind. 
I happen to carry the name of a major eastern port city...and I am
by default connected to the place. In meditation, I pick up Baltimore's
energy. It's really weird. (and, no, I don't do drugs... :-) It 
actually interferes with my meditation on occasion. At first, I thought
I was crazy so I got into my old Volkswagen Rabbit, headed out I-40 
and went to Baltimore. Sure enough. It was the *very same* energy. 
It is experiences like that which prompt my question about geographic
areas and their energies.  

> Personally, I have been vary restricted in my ability to travel.  I live in
> Houston, Tx. which is flat, humid, polluted and really a drag.  But I can't seem
> to get away.

Why is that, do you think? Is there something in the energy of Houston
that keeps you there? There is someone there that you need to make
contact with for one of two reasons: you either need to learn 
something or you need to pay a debt? 

>  I love Austin.  It has a very high spiritual energy and natural
> beauty.  Many artists and writers live there as well as the energy of  the
> University of Texas (whatever that might be :)).

Yes. Austin is wonderful. 

> of the population involved in a thesophical organzations and the chance of
> living next to one, it isprobably smaller than the chance of winning the
> lottery.

I would think so! 

> Thus it seems that karmic law (aka HIGHER SELF) is holding me in Houston until I
> learn the necessary lessons, damn it :)

Isn't there a way you can discover what those lessons are though? There
must be some way you can find out. Have you meditated on it? 

> becoming vastly easier, so that the esoteric has become exoteric.  Anyway, the
> ideas may be that we are learning to share ideas in a new way, because we were
> inhibited or possibly even selfish in conveying spiritual ideas in past lives.
> This is only a thought. 

With all respect, I don't think that is the total answer. It occurs to me
that with the coming of the "new age" (I am really reticent about that
term), many people are searching for answers. And we draw to us and
create what we need to find those answers. 

> Has anyone ever suspected that might have an enemy
> among all those good vibrations and that the supposed newcomer
> to theosophy may
> be really the more advanced being from another life coming to teach  (without
> being able to quote the sanskrit, of course).

I think we all teach each other and learn from each other. I do firmly
believe though that we will draw the teachers we need. I also believe
there are advanced beings, entities and perhaps even advanced life forms
from other galaxies (ala the Pleiadians) that are available for teaching. 
Everything is there. We just need to be open to it. 

When something is a karmic connection, I believe that it is so powerful
that we can't avoid seeing it. I had that experience in 1994 when I
drew someone into my life who stalked me, harrassed me and ultimately
tried to kill me. I don't think those things are random. Sure enough,
I was told by a psychic advisor that I had karma with that person, 
was told what to do to pay the debt and release it. I did that and
it worked. It turns out that I drew that to me because in a previous
life, I didn't defend what was right. I had just gone along with
something although I *knew* it was wrong because I didn't want to
create conflict. 

I don't know if that will be a clue for you or not. I am still
thinking about why you might be stuck in Houston. I had to travel
2500 miles to create that situation in 1994....but it had to be
done before I could be released from it. I would like to know what
your situation is in Houston. 

-- -- 
Baltimore Chessman-Sweeney                     "No significant quote"


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