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Geographic Areas-Power Points

Jul 06, 1996 12:20 PM
by Keith Price

Responding to:
Now...onto a question...

Have any of you ever experienced/acted upon a strong draw to a 
geographical area? From a metaphysical point of view, what is the
structure of these geographic areas? Do they each have individual 
"energies" that can draw people to them or even repel people? 


This is a complete lifetime concern for some. There is the whole idea of power
points - THE QUEST (TSA's magazine) has an article about a group that  goes
around to these supposed power centers of spiritual energy, meditate and then
write about it.  Of course the pyramids at Giza and other ancient sites like
Stonhenge and Easter Island are favorites.  Geoffrey Hodgson spent a lot of time
looking at faries in various sylvan settings.

Astrology also has a  branch called astro-cartography that supposedly can tell a
person the best time to make a move and whether an area will benefit an

Personally, I have been vary restricted in my ability to travel.  I live in
Houston, Tx. which is flat, humid, polluted and really a drag.  But I can't seem
to get away.  I love Austin.  It has a very high spiritual energy and natural
beauty.  Many artists and writers live there as well as the energy of  the
University of Texas (whatever that might be :)).

I live quite by accident (?) in a  neighborhood that keeps bringing back people
into my life in a very peculiar way.  I live close to someone from work who just
happens to be one of the past life issues I alluded to.  Also a former president
of our local theosophical lodge lived next door and I didn't know he was
interested in theosophy until years later.  Those knowing the small percentage
of the population involved in a thesophical organzations and the chance of
living next to one, it isprobably smaller than the chance of winning the

Thus it seems that karmic law (aka HIGHER SELF) is holding me in Houston until I
learn the necessary lessons, damn it :)

Which brings me to an idea implicit in my post which I will now state directly -
people in theosphical organizations are being brought together by powerful past
life issues.  It isn't easy to get connected to occult ideas although it is
becoming vastly easier, so that the esoteric has become exoteric.  Anyway, the
ideas may be that we are learning to share ideas in a new way, because we were
inhibited or possibly even selfish in conveying spiritual ideas in past lives.
This is only a thought.  Has anyone every suspected that might have an enemy
among all those good vibrations and that the supposed newcomer to theosophy may
be really the more advanced being from another life coming to teach  (without
being able to quote the sanskrit, of course).

Keith Price

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