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Jul 06, 1996 05:49 PM
by Alan


This small item is the text of a self-explanatory leaflet.

The main heading (Centered, below) is in large bold lettering.


Mrs. Besant says Leadbeater and herself are the
chosen "successors" of H. P. B., who left "the twain of
us to bear personal witness to the truth when she had
gone." - Theosophist, XLIII pages 590 and 596, March, 1922.

H.P.B. passed away on the eighth of May, 1891.
She left behind two councils - one in London, another in
America. The second was headed by W. Q. Judge. Mr.
Leadbeater was in London. The English Committee was
composed of :-

Mrs. Besant.            Emily Kislingsbury.
Alice L. Cleather.      G. R. S. Mead.
Isabel Cooper-Oakley.   W. R. Old
Laura M. Cooper.        E. T. Sturdy
H. A. W. Coryn.         Countess Wachtmeister.
Archibald Keightley.    W. W. Westcott.
William Kingsland.      Claude F. Wright.

Why was not Mr. Leadbeater's name on the list?

Why was not the "Arhat" recognized by H.P.B?
Was Mr. Leadbeater a member of H.P.B's  E.S.?

Mrs. Besant says:- "I stand as the chosen head of
the Theosophical Society, chosen not only by the Society,
but also by its true Founders and their Agents. To
those who know anything of Occultism I say, that I stand
as the servant of the Hierarchy, obeying Their Will and
and doing Their work, as H.P.B., bade me declare."

Will Mrs. Besant, who claims to be the successor of
H.P.B., give the credentials for that "fact"?

Issued by Victoria Lodge T.S. (Canada) May 8th, 1922
Union Bank Bldg., Victoria, B.C.

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