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Re: Heresy of Separateness

Jul 05, 1996 06:32 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <960705140202_74024.3352_BHT36-1@CompuServe.COM>, Keith Price
<> writes
>I have suggested before and I think a careful reading of Jung may suggest it
>also, that we have a connection to all past lives, present lives and future
>lives - that we are the totality of possible consciousness, but that we are
>experincing it in the fragmented mode of a single individual made up of 7 (or
>so) bodies.  That we have access to literally everything and every incarnation.
>The idea that we were recently say a Victorian era Mr. A who is repaying or
>being repaid by a speciific Victorian era  Mr. or Ms. B doesn't ring true if you
>consider how large the universe would have to be and how long time would have to
>be to accommodate such massive tits for tats, not ot mention eyes for eyes.
>Of course the Cosmos is very large and I could be wrong.

This is more or less the view I came to some time ago, and so far it is
still, for me, the most satisfactory explanation of apparent
reoncarnation experience(s).  How many bodies we have as single
individuals may not be too important though.  I take the view that we
may have an accessible four bodies, but that these interpenetrate each
other, so that whn I look at you, say, my eyes see one person who is
actually the outward and visible manifestation of an essential I-dentity
existing in four "states" simultaneously.  There *is* a case for seven,
but it is rather abstract, and does not seem to be capable of direct
confirmation, whereas this *is* possible with four.

Burble, burble ....

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