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Heresy of Separateness

Jul 05, 1996 07:02 AM
by Keith Price

Greetings and may all enjoy true independence of spirit everyday  through the
knowledge of who we really are.

Blavatsky has stated that the only heresy is separateness - that an absolute
unity underlies all phenomenon in time.  I have been silent on this list for
awhile , choosing to go within and let go of old ideas and reactions.  During my
reading I have come across the idea (shopworn, some might say) that we bring
people and situations into our current reality from past lives.  That our
parents, teachers, spouses, neighbors etc are people we have chosen to incarnate
with again in order to settle old debts and do it differently (or the same) this
time in order to learn karmic lessons and realize spiritual growth through the
sacrifice of ego expectations  to a larger Self that includes all small selves.
But is it so simple?  Past life regressions so often suggest only wishful
thinking,  We can't have all been Napolean or Jesus, and many who claim it are
in speical care facilities.

I have suggested before and I think a careful reading of Jung may suggest it
also, that we have a connection to all past lives, present lives and future
lives - that we are the totality of possible consciousness, but that we are
experincing it in the fragmented mode of a single individual made up of 7 (or
so) bodies.  That we have access to literally everything and every incarnation.
The idea that we were recently say a Victorian era Mr. A who is repaying or
being repaid by a speciific Victorian era  Mr. or Ms. B doesn't ring true if you
consider how large the universe would have to be and how long time would have to
be to accommodate such massive tits for tats, not ot mention eyes for eyes.
Of course the Cosmos is very large and I could be wrong.  A million monkeys
could write Hamlet, given enough time, I suppose.

There must be some type of encryption or compression of significant events ( to
borrow a computer term).   Thus we keep meeting Mr. B in just about everybody
until we get over our cheap selves and do it differently and then we may become
Mr. B for someone else who needs the same lesson.  Thus we keep the idea of
unity intact by playing all the parts at some time making progress in some areas
and maybe regressing for a short time in others.

I am made painfully aware of this by being forced to look at my own reactions.
I have been exposed forcefully to the idea that our "friends and loved ones" in
this life ,may actually be our enemies from past lives  and that our "enemies"
this time,  are actually our hidden helpers from past lives that are forcing us
to see that part of ourselves that we refuse to deal with ( the Shadow thing). 

I have had to deal with this particullarly on the level of people who seem to be
coming to me for help or with help, but are actually harming me.  And those that
seem to be attacking me or manipulating me are actually asking for love in a
twisted way.   Thus it gives new force to the idea of  "love your enemies as
yourself" because in some way, one's enemies today were one's friends in a past
life who now seek repayment for the love one failed to give willingly - and if
you throw  in the absolute unity idea, we are, were or will be our own enemies
at some time or other.   Thus we are forced to balance the scales unconciously,
when we could be proactive by loving unconditionally all the time ( which seems
for me to be almost impossible, but I hope will become easier). 

 The movie DEAD AGAIN plays with this notion in a popular way.  I am trying to
read Mailer's ANCIENT EVENINGS, but am finding its psuedo-archaic style a
hindrance to understanding what he may be getting at.  
The idea of reincarnation seems to be being redefined, at least in the public's

There seems to be an idea out there that we reincarnate on other "globes" and
spend time in various lokas or bardos (sleeping, waking, dreaming and death).
There is also the idea that some may be "aliens" from evil planets that are
sercret controlling things or advanced beings who are guiding evolution.  On a
personal level I am more and more convinced through personal experience that I
am in touch with karmic issues which are very difficult to address directly, but
must be lived out.  Trully we are in a cycle of necessity.

Keith Price

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