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Re: Heresy of Separateness/Geographical Energies

Jul 05, 1996 09:52 AM
by Shaman

Hi y'all..

This is the first time I've ever posted to this list but I do have
some questions I think you all can answer. 

First though, I want to thank Keith Price for his post this morning. I
really felt that he was stating a lot of truth...and it was stated
so clearly and articulately that I was actually compelled to save
the thing. 

Now...onto a question...

Have any of you ever experienced/acted upon a strong draw to a particular
geographical area? From a metaphysical point of view, what is the
structure of these geographic areas? Do they each have individual 
"energies" that can draw people to them or even repel people? 

I am directing this to Keith in a certain respect because he seems
to have such a grasp on all this stuff...but I would really like to
hear from anyone who has something to say on it. 


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