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Re: Waiting to Exhale

Jul 03, 1996 07:22 PM
by Jerry Schueler

>First, Jerry S. says that I should not expect results within 40 minutes; I
>have to be patient for years.  Well, Jerry is a better man than I am:  I want
>to at least see some little indicia perhaps not in 40 minutes, but certainly
>in 40 days.
	Richard, a person of your ability should see results very
soon indeed.  The "years" requirement is for the "average" person.
With Tantric vase breathing, you should feel results immediately
in the form of psychic heat.

>Second, I am getting ~very~ suspicious about the definite ~inhalation~
>bias of most of the techniques.  Admittedly, I can get myself pretty
>supercharged with some of the breath-holding techniques; however, the problem
>is that the "energy" I am adding to my mind-body package usually seems
>temporary, and furthermore, it sooner or later needs to be "compensated" for
>with additional sleeping time.
	The inhalation increases oxygenation to the blood.  The effects
are indeed temporary, although easier to obtain each time.  I don't
have the need for sleep that you mention.  Anyway, if done properly,
yogic breathing leads to no breathing--a ceasation in the breathing
process with no ill effects.  This occurs when the prana enters
the sushumna nadi at the muladhara chakra.

	Jerry S.
	Member TI

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