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to Richard

Jul 03, 1996 07:22 PM
by Jerry Schueler

>It is doubtful, however, that Self is a meaningful human concept when 
>it is used in such a strict sense; the penultimate Self-Spirit (~Atma-Buddhi~) 
>is probably the only thing that is within experiential range for even the best 
>of meditators, and I am guessing that this is what you are referring to as
>"Higher Self."  
     Or even Atma-Buddhi-Manas.

>Now you suggest a very interesting thing--viz., that when Buddhi-manas
>consciousness is used as the "upadhi" for Atma-Buddhi, certain psychic,
>magical, or other "paranormal" attributes which "are inherent" in the latter
>can be carried into and manifest themselves in the former.
     This is exactly what I am suggesting.  Yes.

>If this is the case, it would definitely involve a higher or "truer" type of
>psychism or magical operation than most of the psychics and magicians 
>of my acquaintance seem to be in command of.  
     This is what the Adept does.  Whether used for self or others
determines its color (white, black, or grey).

Jerry S

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