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re: improper touching

Jul 01, 1996 11:33 PM
by alexis dolgorukii

At 05:57 PM 7/1/96 -0400, you wrote:
>Alan Bain writes regarding CWL:
>> But he should have been jailed.  Nowadays, what's
>>called "improper touching" get's the "toucher" twenty years!

Jerry: That's a quote from me in a message TO Alan Bain.
>Not only the "touching" that he had admitted to, but the fact
>that he tried to bind the children to secrecy concerning his
>"advising" and his "touching."  CWL would not permit the children
>to discuss his "therapy" with their parents or doctor.  This put
>the children into a terrible moral bind and created considerable
>guilt among them--as evidenced in the letters Alan has so far
>published.  I recently had a discussion with a professor of
>abnormal psychology who tells me that this behavior of binding
>the children to secrecy is typical of child molesters.  But let
>us for a moment give CWL the benefit of a doubt and accept his
>defense that his teachings were "occult."  Putting yourself in
>CWL's place, what would be the proper ethical procedure for
>teaching occult sexual practices to under age children?  And
>which occult sexual practices and instruction would be suitable
>for pubescent and pre-pubescent children?  
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Jerry: In answer to your question: There are absolutely no sexual practices
and instruction suitable for pre-pubescent children. Except perhaps for that
information and investigation that goes on between themselves. No adult, no
matter what the pretense has any business interfering in pre-pubertal
sexuality. It causes nothing but trouble for the children (ask your friend
the Professor of Abnormal Psych) As to pubertal children, of course they
require information , but that's what they have parents for! One can talk to
young people about sex but "demonstration" (as per CWL's practices) are
totally out of order. Today we have certain new problems that didn't exist
in the early part of the century and that is we have to teach young people
about HPB. But none of this requires having sex with them! His behaviour
with very young children means that CWL was not simply a delusional
schizophrenic, but criminally insane as well.

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