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re: improper touching

Jul 02, 1996 02:08 PM
by Jerry Hejka-Ekins

>Jerry: In answer to your question: There are absolutely no
>sexual practices and instruction suitable for pre-pubescent
>children. Except perhaps for that information and investigation
>that goes on between themselves. No adult, no matter what the
>pretense has any business interfering in pre-pubertal
>sexuality. It causes nothing but trouble for the children (ask
>your friend the Professor of Abnormal Psych) As to pubertal
>children, of course they require information, but that's what
>they have parents for!  One can talk to young people about sex
>but "demonstration" (as per CWL's practices) are totally out of
>order.  Today we have certain new problems that didn't exist
>in the early part of the century and that is we have to teach
>young people about HPB.  But none of this requires having sex 
>with them!  His behaviour with very young children means that
>CWL was not simply a delusional schizophrenic, but criminally
>insane as well.
Alexis:  You answer is what common sense has also told me, but
I'm glad to hear it from someone with knowledge of ceremonial
magic.  Your answer suggests that CWL's reasoning is not based
upon any principles of magic.  Perhaps Jerry S. has an opinion
concerning this too.  I posed these questions because evidently a
large number of TS members believe otherwise and support CWL's
actions.  I was hoping to hear from them, and learn their reasons
why they believe CWL acted correctly.  There is no question that
present day laws do not condone this behavior either.  I would be
interested in hearing his defenders address this issue also. 
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