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Re: Martin vs. Process Theosophists

Jul 01, 1996 00:02 AM
by alexis dolgorukii

At 06:40 PM 6/30/96 -0400, you wrote:

>	Even having missed many of your private postings, I have
>seen enough on theos-l to know where you are coming from.  Also,
>JRC and Paul have added their perspectives.  I don't understand
>what Martin's or Dan's problem is.  Richard I. says that he falls
>somewhere in between the two (he is, BTW, Mr. Theosopher).  I 
>may be in there somewhere too, because I like the "core teachings."   
>But I do prefer to take them eclectically rather than swallowed whole.

Eclectically, they're fine,as speculative hypothesis they're fine, but when
they become "reveal truth" they are NOT fine! To me "revealed truth" is now,
always has been, and always will be, one of the major sources of oppression
and abuse in this world.

>	This was certainly true awhile back.  I think most of the "core 
>doctrine" folks have abandoned ship by now.  This is unfortunate, but
>inevitable.  There is a sense of security in having a core doctrine, and
>in thinking that one is looking at the moon instead of just a pointing 
>finger.  It is comforting to share the same ideas with others--this is
>the cement that holds churches together.   Theos-l is no longer a secure 
>or comfortable place for those who take the core teachings as gospel.
>They really only have three options:  (1)  discuss or debate, (2) change
>their own worldview, or (3) leave.  After attempting the first option for
>awhile, most opt for the third which is far easier than the second.  
>But their own experiences, sooner or later, will bring them to question 
>one or more of the core teachings, and personal experience is much
>stronger than our postings here can ever be.  We can quit theos-l
>but we cannot run away from our experiences, at least not when they
>are "numinous" in the Jungian sense.
>	Jerry S.
>	Member, TI
>Jerry that is unfortunately all too true, on the other hand, in The TSA,
the Adyar Society in general, and probably other groups as well "process
theosophists" have "cut and run". The message in places like the American
Theosophist is all to clear, either one accepts "Core Theosophy" as revealed
truth or "go somewhere else". 5,000 members (TSA) are being manipulated,
oppressed and abused by the 200 members of the E.S. It is my own belief that
it is far more likely that the process theosophists I am coming to know
(you, JRC, Chuck, and though he has not openly "come out" perhaps even Alan)
are all people who are far more likely to have had numinous experiences than
the "Core Theosophist".
In addition: I am made to be very nervous by people who hint around that
they possess the "Buddhic faculty". I am made even more nervous, in fact
exponentially so, by people who speak of "duties" and "Missions".

alexis dolgorukii


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