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Re: Down and dirty

Jun 30, 1996 10:45 PM
by Drpsionic

There may also be the fact that Europe managed to kill off its best breeding
stock in its interminable wars.  Europe is a museum, nice for the tourists,
but of little value otherwise.
Now, if you are a European, you have to deal with the burden of a great past
and a hell of a dismal future on a continent with few natural resources left
and even fewer intellectual ones as all the smart people left for America
ages ago.  I remember when I was in college back in the sixties and European
intellectual was defined as an oxymoron, and a French intellectual as an
impossibility. (Squawk! Squawk!  Marx and Freud!  Marx and Freud!  Polly want
a cracker! Squawk!)
Of course they resent us.  They have reason to.

Chuck the Heretic

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