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Re: Rounding off of discussions

Jun 30, 1996 10:01 PM
by RIhle

>Jerry S. writes>
>Richard, I don't disagree with anything you have said, but
>I do have a question.  What happens when "improving Self-awareness"
>results in the awareness that "psychic, magical, etc. abilites" are inherent
>within our higher Self?  What if "Self-awareness" and "abilites" are
>the same thing?  I understand, of course, that there is a difference
>between awareness and use.  Should we, perhaps, ignore the connection,
>once made, as Eldon suggests?

Richard Ihle writes>
Jerry, if you ever find yourself disagreeing with anything I say, go ahead
and disagree, for I will probably be saying the opposite thing the next day

Since it is not yet midnight in Madison on the same day of my original post,
 I better not disagree with myself quite yet, however.

When I use ~Self~, I normally mean "Undifferentiated Consciousness," which,
of course, can only have attributes or "abilities" when it is associated
("contaminated") by something on the ~Prakriti~ "side" of things (which
includes everything from Buddhi or "Spirit" down to energy-matter).  It is
doubtful, however, that Self is a meaningful human concept when it is used in
such a strict sense; the penultimate Self-Spirit (~Atma-Buddhi~) is probably
the only thing that is within experiential range for even the best of
meditators, and I am guessing that this is what you are referring to as
"Higher Self."  

Now you suggest a very interesting thing--viz., that when Buddhi-manas
consciousness is used as the "upadhi" for Atma-Buddhi, certain psychic,
magical, or other "paranormal" attributes which "are inherent" in the latter
can be carried into and manifest themselves in the former.

If this is the case, it would definitely involve a higher or "truer" type of
psychism or magical operation than most of the psychics and magicians of my
acquaintance seem to be in command of.  If I discovered that had either of
these authentic developments, I would certainly not follow Eldon's
advice--not, at least, until the developments told me (or let me tell) where
T-bonds would be closing on enough future days so that I could make a huge
dent in the Chicago Board of Trade. . . .

Well, it is now 11:55 P.M.  In six minutes I will be able to reverse myself
and say that I would, like Eldon, "ignore the connection" or perhaps only use
any powers which come from the Higher Self in the service of higher things. .
. .


Richard Ihle


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