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Breathing Exercises

Jun 30, 1996 09:51 PM
by ramadoss


I ran into the following in a book by Ernest Wood, the author of some well
known books such as Concentration and Seven Rays.

"It was at this period that I made my first experiment in Indian Yoga, I
found an article in a popular magazine, describing how the yogis developed
extraordinary powers by means of special methods of breathing. I felt that I
needed special powers, since ordinary ones seemed of little use in life
unless conjoined by some chance with special opportunities. So once, in the
midday, when I had the shop to myself, I went into the backroom (which has
been newly acquired and contained a chair) and sat down to practise the
breathing exercises prescribed. I did it for about forty minutes. At that
point I heard somebody come into the shop. I rose from the chair and walked
to the front room without feeling the floor I walked on or any sense of my
own weight. My employer entered and asked for a pair of scissors, which I
found and handed to him without any feeling of the article or sense of its
weight. I must have looked peculiar in some way, for I remember he stared at
me very hard and with a surprised expression. The incident passed off.
Gradually my sense of touch and weight returned. I did not perform the
experiment again, as I considered it to be dangerous."

In the present day world when there is so much interest in developing
special powers, I am interested to hear if any one have had and heard some
what similar experience.

MK Ramadoss

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