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Re: Crash of the Economic System

Jun 20, 1997 11:29 AM
by Patrick Alessandra, Psy.D.

>         I was sitting here thinking way into the future (2000) and was
> thinking about Dec 30 or 31 when all of the people,  they all withdraw
> their money at about the same time before Jan 1, 2000 and the banks of the
> world cannot cover all of the withdrawals.  This action would result in a
> crash of the world economic system. la vi...the run on the banks may begin towards the end
of this year as people will want to withdraw and buy hard assets
early...who knows if paper money will have any value because... note...even though there are "officially" trillions of
dollars in existence today in computers... there are only about 300
billion printed :)..there's not even enough paper...

Happy land :)


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