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Improper touching

Jun 30, 1996 04:20 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <>, alexis
dolgorukii <> writes
>>>He was, at one time, expelled from the Adyar based Theosophical
>>Correction: he resigned following an official enquiry headed by Colonel
>>I have a question: In the end result, or product, how does a "forced
>resignation" differ from an "expulsion"? I realize that a "forced
>resignation" usually is done to prevent an "expulsion" but basically there's
>only a semantic difference.The result is the same and the motivation is
>usually to "save face" on either or both "sides".

In this case it appears he had his resignation letter ready before the
hearing even began, which, if the law was the same then as now - I
expect it was not very different - was a common sense survival tactic.
The question Olcott had to decide was whther to accept the resignation
or take stronger measures.

> If it hadn't been for Mrs.
>Besant's need to "save face" he probably would have been expelled with no
>prospect of re-call.

.. and Olcott decided to accept the resignation, though my personal
view is that Mrs. Besant was still in a state of confusion.  Olcott
clearly hoped the matter would go away with the man, and the reputation
of the Society would survive.  The real problem, T.S./E.S. wise came two
years later, when Annie B. reinstated him - after Oclott had died.

> But he should have been jailed.  Nowadays, what's
>called "improper touching" get's the "toucher" twenty years!
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