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Re: Rounding off of discussions

Jun 30, 1996 03:35 PM
by Jerry Schueler

>Yes, theosophy in the epistemological sense definitely involves a "process,"
>but this, I believe, is more a general process of personal transformation
>proceeding pari passu with improving Self-awareness rather than something
>which comes from specific experimentation with its possible ancillary
>fruits--psychic, magical, etc. abilities.  Direct apprehension of the truth
>is the result of the  theosophical process.  Clear seeing is the result of
>the theosophical process.  Ineffable Buddhic certainty is the result of the
>theosophical process.

	Richard, I don't disagree with anything you have said, but
I do have a question.  What happens when "improving Self-awareness"
results in the awareness that "psychic, magical, etc. abilites" are inherent
within our higher Self?  What if "Self-awareness" and "abilites" are
the same thing?  I understand, of course, that there is a difference
between awareness and use.  Should we, perhaps, ignore the connection,
once made, as Eldon suggests?

	Jerry S.
	Member, TI

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