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Re: Down and dirty

Jun 30, 1996 09:06 AM
by Drpsionic

We sort of think it is.  When you have a society like ours which has as its
fundamental operating priniciple that everyone is on an equal footing, it is
very difficult to dance around things, so we just say what is on our minds
and let the bombs fall where they may.  It helps us live longer, and we don't
get ulcers.
Also, you have to remember that the reaction against respectability may be a
purely American phenomenon in the extent that it has spread through most of
the educated part of society. (Alex will probably argue with me on the
extent, but that is my experience)  The result is that we have developed a
very complicated social structure, with tons of hidden stratifications and no
real way to deal with them that people feel comfortable with, so in reaction,
we refuse to worry about it.
It probably drives the rest of you nuts, but we mean well.

Chuck the Heretic

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