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Re: Down and dirty

Jun 30, 1996 12:08 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

Most of the subscribers to the theos-lists seem to be Americans - may I
ask them, politely of course :-) if they agree with your assessment
below (Alex excepted, as we already know he does).


In message <>, writes
>We sort of think it is.  When you have a society like ours which has as its
>fundamental operating priniciple that everyone is on an equal footing, it is
>very difficult to dance around things, so we just say what is on our minds
>and let the bombs fall where they may.  It helps us live longer, and we don't
>get ulcers.
>Also, you have to remember that the reaction against respectability may be a
>purely American phenomenon in the extent that it has spread through most of
>the educated part of society. (Alex will probably argue with me on the
>extent, but that is my experience)  The result is that we have developed a
>very complicated social structure, with tons of hidden stratifications and no
>real way to deal with them that people feel comfortable with, so in reaction,
>we refuse to worry about it.
>It probably drives the rest of you nuts, but we mean well.
>Chuck the Heretic

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