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Re: The Mahatma Letters

Jun 30, 1996 00:54 AM
by alexis dolgorukii

At 11:02 PM 6/29/96 -0400, you wrote:
>Daniel comments:
>Having studied the Mahatma Letters for about 25 years, I find myself
>totally disagreeing with these statements by Alexis.  As usual, he
>gives no detailed, concrete examples to illustrate his
>ipse dixit statements.
>Could it be that such statements by Alexis
>are  "lacking in real content" and, therefore, as  "irrelevant" as
>The Mahatma Letters?
>Oh here we go again...The Blavatsky foundation creeps out from under it's
rock to snipe!

Daniel, posting messages to this list was intended to be a kind of
relaxation for me from my other activities, that's all it was, or is, or
ever will be. I have been reading this stuff, i.e. "The Mahatma Letters etc.
since I first discovered it, and I assume you have too. You say one thing
about it, and I assume that's what you got out of them. I say the opposite
thing, but you don't give me the credit I give you.
I think "throwing quotes" at one another is rather childish. You certainly
have a right to your opinions, but you certainly don't grant me that same
right.....your comments up above are disengenuous if nothing worse. Believe
me Daniel, if I chose to spend my time is such a futile endeavour I could
give you all the quotes and citations any one would require that would prove
my point completely. BUT, you would find some new cavil, and say I hadn't
responded. so why bother? I really do have a living to earn you know. Don't you?

alexis dolgorukii

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