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The Mahatma Letters

Jun 29, 1996 07:56 PM
by Blavatsky Foundation

Alexis writes:

 I dismiss the "Mahatma Letters" as irrelevant because , having
studied them over a course of some 30 years I have found them to be so
mutually contradictory and lacking in real content that it is not simply
that I consider them to be irrelevant but that I don't consider them to be
valid. In other words I believe them to be not frauds, but not real either.
I believe the HPB produced them and apported them whenever she needed
particularly unarguable support in a particular goal of hers. If she could
apport tea cups (and I believe she could) then this would be a really simple
feat. Basically I also have to say that I don't find the "Mahatma Letters"
particularly intellectually or ethically impressive.....

Daniel comments:

Having studied the Mahatma Letters for about 25 years, I find myself
totally disagreeing with these statements by Alexis.  As usual, he
gives no detailed, concrete examples to illustrate his
ipse dixit statements.
Could it be that such statements by Alexis
are  "lacking in real content" and, therefore, as  "irrelevant" as
The Mahatma Letters?


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