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Alexis on Dr. Elliot Coues

Jun 29, 1996 07:32 PM
by Blavatsky Foundation

Alexis writes:

>Alan and Chuck: We are dealing with two different "Coues", the one WQJ was
so excercised about was Dr. Elliot Coues, who was one of the original group
that established the Theosophical society in 1875 but who, for personal
reasons (Primarily thwarted ambitions), became a very great enemy of the
society (lawsuits etc,). Emile Coues, the Frenchman, was the one who did
"day by day, I am getting better and better".

You are half way right, Alexis.  BUT, as far as I know,  Elliot Coues was NOT
 involved in the founding of the T.S. in 1875.  I believe that Dr. Coues
first met
 HPB and Olcott in Europe in the summer of 1884.


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