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Process Theosophists? A Comment to Martin

Jun 29, 1996 07:28 PM
by Blavatsky Foundation

Martin writes:

>To summarize, I see a lot of groaning on this list, but I am downright
>>*amazed* that none of the  conclusions such as I did are drawn by
>>'process' theosophists. This is no flame of course, but a serious
>>attempt to evoke some sensible response from those who consider themselves
>>as 'too smart to believe in any of this core theosophy nonsense'
>>Arguments and alternatives, please !

Daniel comments:

Martin, I agree with you.  I really don't know what the reasoning and thinking
is behind the mere statements made by these "process theosophists."  I would
really love to understand their point of view;  I might learn something!  But
with the possible exception of Jerry S, I have heard very little in
explanation from
any other process theosophist.

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