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Jun 28, 1996 09:21 AM
by Alan


This text is from a carbon copy of a transcript written initially
   to Helen I. Dennis in America from Annie Besant.  Details


Shanti Kunja
Benares City
May 10th, 1906.

My Dear Mrs. Dennis:---

I am very grieved to read your letter.

You ask me what you are to think as to my position. This: I know
   Mr. Leadbeater to be a disciple of Master K; I have constantly
   met him out of the body, and seen him with the Masters, and
   trusted with their work.  I know that if he were evil minded
   this could not be.  I cannot therefore join in hounding him out
   of the T.S. in which he has been one of our best workers.

Further, I know how much terrible evil exists among young men, and
   the desperate straits in which they find themselves.  To deal
   with these evils falls to the lot of many a clergyman, parent,
   and teacher, and I cannot pour unlimited condemnation on an
   attempt to deal with them.

My own publication of the Knowlton pamphlet was a mistake; but it
   was made with good intent.  The Masters saw the motive, and
   cared not for the blunder, and what I did carried me to

You speak of a petition made to me in India, to remove him from my
   side.  It is the first I have heard of it; there has been no
   such petition.  I looked up the Feb. Theosophist, which I had
   not read; I do not think the Colonel used my name to shield Mr.
   Leadbeater, and he speaks of attacks on himself.

The T.S. and E.S. cannot be "above reproach" in your sense.  The
   Coulomb attack of H.P.B. was made in the name of high morality
   and discredited the T.S.  But it had to bear it.  The forgery of
   Judge discredited the T.S. but we had to bear it, till Judge
   himself broke away; he was not expelled.  These trials come from
   time to time.

Doubtless from the worldly point of view I should save trouble by
   deserting Mr. Leadbeater, but I do not see that to be my duty.

As he is now publicly attacked, I have advised him to resign, and
   to appeal to Colonel Olcott to investigate the charges, and to
   decide the matter, and he to suspend his work meanwhile, The
   decision rightly lies with the President.

As to the American E.S., all its activities must be suspended.

It is sad that you have so been so hasty, instead of keeping
   silence till the T.S. President and Executive Council had had
   the charges laid before them.  Nothing would have been lost by
   taking the more dignified and constitutional line, and much
   public trouble would have been avoided.  I am surprised that Mr.
   Fullerton, who owes Mr. Leadbeater so much, has not acted with
   less precipitancy.

Sincerely yours,

(Signed) Annie Besant.


Uploaded by Alan Bain, June 1996

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