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Jun 28, 1996 09:11 AM
by Macnev Uri


* Forwarded by Macnev Uri
* From : Kay Ziatz

Subject: Postings on CWL Controversy

For: alexis dolgorukii <>

a> so-called "9th Initiation" he says "Even I have never encountered such a
a> being"...what does that say about his pretensions?
 Maybe... But  there are some letters by K.H.  to CWL (if they
aren't humbug),  so CWL might know K.H.  personally (in  those
letters K.H.  writes that karma of priest "caste" is very hard
and warns CWL that he could fail.) Masters like M. & K.H. have
6th (or 7th) initiation, as i've read somewhere.
  It should be noted,  too, that those numbers are too "oldfa-
shioned" -  only 3-rd initiation in our classification is  re-
ally 1-st.  1st & 2nd are rather disciple's level, as ABB wri-
tes.  It's because in prevoius epoques body control was impor-
tant, and hatha-yoga was main yoga,  so total physical control
was an object of 1-st initiation. So you shouldn't be frighte-
ned by huge numbers like 9 - it's only 7 ;)
  "Right" &  "Left" paths split after 2-nd,  so by this reason
3-rd should be regarded as really first, too.

a> also have a problem believing in ("ex-communists").
 If we accept reincarnation, all of us are ex-communists, or
ex-inquisitores, ex-cannibales,  etc.  If a man can change his
opinion in a new life, why can't he in the same?

bf> For example, I believe Alexis has said something to the effect
bf> that he believes HPB wrote most if not all of the Mahatma Let-
bf> ters.  I have no idea what Alexis has based this conclusion on
 But much worse - HBP didn't stopped then.
After that she wrote "letters on occult meditation" to A.Bailey,
lot of letters to E. Roerich and Letters of alive dead to E. Bar-
ker. She was a very productive writer, indeed ;)

a> Yelena Blavatskaya was, as I see her, an enthusiastic iconoclast, and I
a> admire her immensely for being so.
  Krishnamurti was even more. So there's a progress ;)

b> against the negatives. To me, it is obvious that both CWL and AB has done
b> A LOT of good. It is also quite obvious that they made serious mistakes.
 They were like N. Hruschov. Do you understand?

W/best regards, Konstantin Zaitzev 2:5020/360.4 Fidonet

P.S. Because you're russian, i inform you about web site with
lot of theosophical literature in russian:
I think it's only place of that kind (and may close down soon!!!)

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