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process = theosophy

Jun 27, 1996 11:04 PM
by Martin_Euser

Alan>This is observable phenomena, and the periodic manifestation is part of
a process, is it not?
When the T.S. was founded, there was not a single
automobile in the world.  Yes, there is periodicity, but it *is itself*
subject to process and change.

I agree with that.

Alan> It is possible that the underlying
"laws" which we might care to call "ancient wisdom" or even
"demonstrable fact* may be immutable, but if so, their effects and
consequences within time are *not.*

A truely philosophical remark. Effects and consequences are context and time
dependent as I see it.

I would like to point out that at least some of the seven jewels
can be easily applied to the physical realm:

karma: equilibrium seeking principle (there's even a mathematical theory,
called perturbation theory that operates on the principle of equilibrium
seeking and is sometimes applied in physics)

'hierarchies': embedded and repeated structures - some spectra of elements
                show this clearly; electronic shells around nucleus

unique characteristic: unique frequency (pattern); unique gene pattern

dualism: electromagnetic phenomena

connectedness: non-local effects in quantum physics

The same can be done on the level of the mind (dual manas, character of
individual, thought-pattern, composite structure of human being,
embeddedness in Oversoul)

I submit that these jewels are really worthwile to ponder over.
They just need a little translation to be understandable.

Alan>Another working hyposthesis for you:
Devachan changes (process) according to the nature and quality of its

Looks very plausible to me. In fact it is a theosophical teaching :)


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