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Use of Vocabulary/Language

Jun 27, 1996 09:55 PM
by m.k. ramadoss


We have seen a lot of heated exchange of opinions on the use of
language/vocabulary on theos-xxx list. As Internet is a new uncensored
medium, it is going to take some time to get used to it. Following is a
message on Krishnamurti List, and some of you may find the language not
acceptable, but it goes to show that the norms that apply to other
mediums of communication may not hold good of Internet.

MK Ramadosss

> Date: 28 Jun 96 00:18:19 EDT
> From: Michael Powell <73140.1517@CompuServe.COM>
> Subject: Re: Fwd: Re: Juergen List (formerly the K Discussion List)

Harold:>>Mr. Powell,

I've read your contributions, in the past, to this discussion group and
I don't think you have anything to offer me, or to many of the others.
You are rather, a distraction and I don't want to join anything for
which you have audacity to claim you are qualified to lead.  Especially
your claim  "I have experienced the same as Krishnamurti" is simply
your ego speaking.

Be the FOOL, and persist in this!  If you've taken charge of the K list
you are the "dumb sheep's" idiot leading the truly uncaring, and
passive blind. K. is K! Nobody is asking for another "self appointed"
clone of him, or of anybody else.

If the K. list is truly gone, and replaced by the ??Juergen List???,
removed by your hand, then, I want to be removed too.

If you review your stupid letter you will spot, an embarassing
plethora of idiotic, and childish self aggrandizements. GROW UP!<<


Sorry to have offended you, but you have missed the point. I am not Juergen and
most of that post was quotes from him. I am not clear how you could confuse us
from listening to the posts for the last several months. Rather than quick
condemnation, please question a bit and I will try  to respond as the situation


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