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Re: request to ALL

Jun 27, 1996 08:34 PM
by Ozren Skondric

Kim Poulsen wrote:
> KPJ:
> >At the risk of getting flamed for asking this, would y'all
> >please make your personal insults in personal e-mail?
> Alan:
> >I second the motion.
>    So do I. And not "To all", - but to all parts in this: to those who seem
> to find themselves at the focii of every argument of this kind.
>    This terrible state of human interaction at its lowest denominator
> has drained me of any wish to contribute for the time being, - and much
> hope for the future too. Utterly depressing! These fiendish exchanges of
> personal frictions and elemental squabble has nothing to do among subjects
> pertaining to spirit - they create an atmosphere murderous of any
> aspirations.
>   Kim

Couldn't agree more.


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