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Re: Theosophy for Beginners is True Too

Jun 27, 1996 07:12 PM
by m.k. ramadoss


glad you clarified. while there are millions of people who blindly
believe in the various concepts and ideas, it has always been
stressed to serious students in India for to question everything and not
to accept anything on faith or tradition or hearsay.

This has led to a very unique characteristic of thinking men and women of
India. If you put ten of them in a room and ask them to come up with a
solution for a problem or plan for a project, then will rarely come up
with one. But they are going to come up with 100 different ones.

Anyone who complains about the various serious discussions that we see
here, will be surprised if 10 men/women from India join our maillists and
see the action generated (unless these are afraid of questioning party

Thanks for clarification.

	MK Ramadoss

On Thu, 27 Jun 1996, Jerry Schueler wrote:

> Doss:
> > Can you elaborate on this statement?
> 	It didn't come out the way I intended.  I mean
> that most people today require more logic and reason
> than those who are willing to accept beliefs; or that
> science is stronger today than religion.  Religious
> people are willing to accept karma as a law of
> justice, of rewards and punishments in the same
> way a Christian accepts justice after death in a
> heaven or hell.  Most people today no longer accept
> faith in a transpersonal deity or principle to bring
> about justice in an after-death life when it is obviously
> apparent that there is no justice here in this one.  But
> this should not mean that we have to throw out the
> doctrine of karma.  Karma does not dispense rewards
> or punishments--it only looks that way to our human
> minds.
> 	Jerry S.
> 	Member, TI

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