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Re: stuff about convention

Jun 26, 1996 06:36 PM
by ramadoss

At 07:27 PM 6/26/96 -0400, you wrote:
>For those of you who are planning on attending the annual family reunion in a
>couple of weeks, there a few things you should be aware of that you will not
>get from the AT.
>1. DO NOT DRINK THE WATER AT OLCOTT.  This applies both to the stuff that
>comes out of the tap and the water coolers.  They changed drinking water
>services and the water now tastes very strange and we cannot be sure why.  Go
>across the street to the big Jewel and by bottled water.
>2.  Eat as few meals at Olcott as possible.  The food at convention ranges
>from bad to inedible.  Two years ago Gerda ate several meals there in a row
>and had such a bad case of constipation that we almost had to use some
>leftover July 4th fireworks for suppositories.  There are several inexpensive
>eateries near the headquarters where even you of the vegetable eating
>persuasion can be safely fed.
>3.  Do not stay up too late.  John likes to get to bed early and after 10:30
>he will run everyone not billeted in the main building out and expect
>everyone in the building to be heading for bed.  Try to avoid loud snoring

        This reminds me of our local lodge. Since the donors still had the
possession of the building, we could not stay late. What a strange contrast
to the three lodges I was associated with in the past and each one of them
owned the property outright and everyone felt as if thery are our own home
and could stay as late as we wanted.

>4.  Avoid unauthorized mirth.  It makes the old folks nervous.  If you have a
>small group meeting, expect to be joined by at least one board member who
>will probably be wired for sound. (I'm not kidding.)
>5.  Keep your keys with you at all times.  If you get locked out John will
>become quite upset if he hears the doorbell, especially after curfew.
>6.  Carry a small bible with you in case you are off the property and run
>into the natives of Wheaton.  They tend to be fundamentalists and if you can
>blend in with them you have a better chance of not being lynched.
>7.  If you are travelling to Midway airport, do not, ever, use public
>transportation no matter what Jeff says.  The natives in that part of the
>city are not friendly and the rats are not vegetarians.  If you make the
>wrong gang sign you might get killed.
>Gerda and I will be at the entire convention so if you need any help, do not
>hesitate to ask.
>Chuck the Heretic

        If this is the situation now, what will be the rules when the next
president takes over Olcott administration?
******** Peace to all living beings*****************

         M K Ramadoss

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