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Women Adepts

Jun 26, 1996 05:32 PM
by M K Ramadoss

One of the questions that comes up in discussing Theosophy is that of
women adepts.

I just ran into a reference which seems to indicate that there "are"
women adepts even though none has been identified in public.

In the Key to Theosophy, H P Blavatsky makes this statement (pp. 203
TUP 1987 ISBN 0-911500-07-3)

"What I am about to read to you is from the pen of a National Saviour,
one who, having overcome Self, and being free to choose, has elected
to serve Humanity, in bearing at least as much as a women's shoulders
can possibly bear of National Karma. This is what she says:- ........

The gender reference above indicates a woman Adept.

Peace to all living beings.

      M K Ramadoss

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